by Ana Rhodes and Reini Hauser

Following the line of formation of the event “Me and the World" that we made last year, we are preparing this event as a new opportunity to participate in large groups.

We are going to have the opportunity to explore personal, sociocultural, sociopolitical issues at a national and international level and how they affect us personally, in our relationships, families, communities and organizations.


Conflict Transformation Center Event 2018

We will use Processwork methodology developed by Arnold and Amy Mindell and peers, as well as Deep Democracy techniques that allow the inclusion of diverse experiences, perspective and voices. This will lead us to work with Power complexity and marginalized experiences.

We will also learn to give and receive feedback through diverse hierarchies. Also to de-escalate conflict and reach resolution in order to contribute to a sustainable and shared peace.

Watch 2017 Event Video "Me and The World"

Facilitation Team

Large group up to 200 people with Skilled Main Facilitators and small groups with Team Facilitators


Translation in English, Italian and Spanish. Big 500m2 Conference Hall in Eurostars Hotel with accomodation offers.

Up to Date

Update and learn techniques to have access to our deepest sources of Power while in the fire of Conflict & Dialogue.

Made with Love

Diversity will be welcome (gender, ethnic group, social status, sexual orientation, professional background...

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